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Any enrolled family who refers a new family will receive $50 off their tuition payment after the new family has been enrolled for four consecutive weeks!

*New Enrollment Only – Health Records and Enrollment Agreement Required

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We have been providing families in Frederick County Maryland with the best affordable child care for over 20 years!  Our four different locations are conveniently located throughout Frederick County, MD which makes finding a quality Learning Center easy for families!

Our centers offer many meaningful learning experiences that encourage the development of social and emotional skills.  Our educational activities promote positive learning environments for each child, focusing on each age group to ensure that every child benefits!  We have well equipped and fully enriched classrooms, fenced outdoor playgrounds and indoor play areas.


The health, safety, and development of your child is our top priority.  We are proud to have caring and nurturing teachers that provide a safe and stimulating environment. Each center is fully licensed by the Maryland Department of Education, Office of Childcare. 
We recognize the developmental needs of every child which promotes learning in a group setting. We also encourage parent interaction with our staff and welcome parent involvement in our activities! Our buildings have security measures in place to ensure only authorized personel are entering our building